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Register out of state vehicles

Did you just purchase an out-of-state vehicle or are new to California?

Skip The Line Vehicle Registration is your out-of-state registration specialist. We can register your out-of-state vehicle quickly and efficiently. The thought of waiting at the California Department of Motor Vehicles for hours is no longer. You can skip the line at the EL Cajon DMV and be done in minutes when you register your out-of-state vehicle with Skip The Line Vehicle Registration. We perform all aspects of your out-of-state registration. You will need an emissions check, VIN verification, and in some cases a weight certificate for your non-resident vehicle. When you choose to Skip The Line we will guide you through the entire process with ease. Our team of DMV experts ensures you will pay the lowest price in accordance with all California laws. If you choose to Skip The Line at the El Cajon DMV, you will be satisfied with your choice!

Moving to California for the first time and need to register your vehicle?

Welcome to California, we will help you prepare for registering your vehicle with the California DMV. We hope you choose to Skip The Line when it comes to your vehicle registration needs. If you do not choose to Skip The Line it’s okay, this page is still very beneficial and will help to prepare you for registering your car in California. Obtaining California Registration for your vehicle is not as difficult as you may have heard. We will show you how to be prepared, so you are not stuck in line at the California DMV. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration has prepared a checklist so you can be prepared when you arrive at the DMV.

Documents Required to Register Out of State Vehicle

  1. Title or Registration Card is required when you go to obtain California Registration
  2. Emissions Check or Smog Inspection – These terms are interchangeable in California and all Non-Resident vehicles must have a smog check prior to receiving license plates
  3. VIN Verification – A VIN Verification is required on all vehicles entering the State of California
  4. Weight Certificate – A weight certificate is required for all commercial vehicles entering California. (Pickup Trucks are commercial vehicles in California
  5. Proof of Sales Tax – If you purchased your vehicle within 1 year of entry into California, you must provide proof of sales tax paid to receive credit toward California Tax
  6. Reg 343- Application for Title and Registration – This form must be completely filled out and signed
  7. REG 5045 – Military Non-Resident Exemption Form – For active duty military members who are not residents of California. This will reduce your annual registration fees.

The California DMV does not perform emission or smog checks. Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles does not have a public scale to weigh commercial vehicles. You must find these vendors by searching Smog Vendors & Public Scales

Buying A Out of State Vehicle

If you are a California Resident and are considering the purchase of an out-of-state vehicle, Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can assist you, by helping you become informed of California laws. At Skip The Line we know you value your investment. Our goal is to assist you with your purchase so you are sure you can register the vehicle in California when it arrives here.

The Following Is Needed To Register A Automobile In The State of California.

The California DMV basically classifies any vehicle that does not have the capacity to carry a load of an automobile. Vehicles included in this category include sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, Convertibles, school buses, and motorhomes. You will need the following items to apply for California Vehicle Registration so you can register your car in California.

A. Certificate of Title from the Previous State

B. Application for Title (Registration Form 343)

C. VIN Verification Form (Registration Form 31)

D. Smog Check (Within 90 days of entry to California) 1975 model year and earlier are exempt from the Smog Check Program.

E. Please check to make sure the underhood emissions label indicates the motor vehicle complies with California Emissions Standards. If it does not, the vehicle must be older than 2 model years and have more than 7500 miles on the odometer, and the vehicle you can still register a car in California.

California Certified Emissions Label

The easiest way to complete this process is by going to Skip The Line Vehicle Registration. Skip The Line is one the only vehicle registration service provider that specializes in out-of-state registration. Our vehicle registration center has a smog facility located next door so you can obtain your California Registration in minutes. The California registration process can take several hours and multiple visits at the El Cajon DMV Field Office. If you would like to go to the El Cajon DMV field office to complete your Non-Resident Vehicle transaction, we have listed the address of the local field office below.

California Department of Motor Vehicles

1450 Graves Ave

El Cajon, Ca 92021


How To Register an Out-of-State Commercial Vehicle In California?

The term commercial vehicle as defined by the California Vehicle Code can be confusing to California Motorists. The confusion comes from the fact that ordinary pickup trucks are defined as commercial vehicles. We have listed a few examples of vehicles defined in the commercial category. include

  • Pickup Truck (Personal use of a pickup truck is included in the commercial vehicle category)
  • Semi Trucks
  • Passenger Vehicle for Business purposes, Van (without seats),
  • Specialty Vehicles used for business purposes if they have the capacity to carry a load

What Documents Are Required To Register A Commercial Vehicle in California?

A. Vehicle tile from the previous state

B. Application For California Title (Vehicle Registration Form 343)

C. VIN Verification (Vehicle Registration Form 31)

D. Smog Certificate (From a California-certified smog inspection station)

E. Weight Certificate (From a California Public Weigh Master)

D. Declaration of Gross Weight (Vehicle Registration Form 4008)

Notes: If the vehicle is the model year 1975 or older a smog inspection is not required – Vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 lbs unladen are not required to obtain a weight certificate, the unladen vehicle weight can be estimated. Vehicles equipped with a diesel engine and having a GVWR of more than 14000 lbs are exempt from the smog check program. Vehicles that are older than 1998 are exempt from the California Smog check inspection.

Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can register any commercial vehicle in the State of California. We have plates and stickers on hand so you are in and out when you register a commercial vehicle in California. If you are buying a car from out of state feel free to call Skip The Line Vehicle Registration anytime, to discuss your out-of-state vehicle purchase. Our goal is to help you prepare for your purchase, so your California registration process is smooth.

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