Transfer Car Title 

Have you just purchased a car and need to transfer the title? You have visited the right place.You no longer have to wait in line at the California Department of Motor Vehicles to transfer a car in to your name. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can have the vehicle in your name in minutes. Our family of companies has all the services you need, including the smog check. Once you choose to Skip The Line @ The El Cajon DMV you will never go back. Our commitment to you is complete customer satisfaction.

How to Complete a Transfer of Title for a vehicle purchase?

  1. Once you have selected the vehicle you like, ensure you have taken the California DMV fee in to consideration.
  2. Call Skip The Line Vehicle Registration at 619-334-4113 to obtain a fee estimate and verify title history (Online Fee Calculator)
  3. Ensure the seller has the California Certificate of Title on hand.
  4. The seller is required to sign on Line A on the front of the Certificate of Title
  5. The seller also needs to sign the odometer disclosure located on the bottom of the Certificate of Title
  6. The seller is not required to sign Line 2 at the very bottom of the title. This is only signed if there is a legal owner, which is indicated in the lower left portion of the title. 

Bring the California Certificate of Title to Skip The Line Vehicle Registration and we will process your change of ownership in minutes.

Additional Items That May Be Required For A Transfer of Ownership

  1. Smog Check Certificate
  2. Bill of Sale (Reg 262) You must have a complete chain of ownership
  3. Defective Title Bond may be required if incomplete chain of ownership is not required


Purchased A Vehicle From An Auction And Need To Complete DMV Paperwork?

Skip The Line Vehicle Registration loves a challenge. Vehicles purchased from an auto auction frequently come with a host of problems. You can put your DMV problems to rest when you choose to Skip The Line at The El Cajon DMV. Our team of highly skilled DMV specialists can register any vehicle, whether you have a title or not! Did you know the California Vehicle Code has procedures fort transferring vehicles with missing DMV paperwork? Skip The Line can transfer any vehicle hassle free in just a matter of minutes. Before you go to the DMV come see us at Skip The Line, where you are our first priority.


We are located next door to the El Cajon DMV, next to the Greek Chicken!



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