Have you just purchased a vehicle and need a Temporary Operating Permit?

Skip The Line Vehicle Registration specializes in obtaining temporary operating permits for motorists in need of a DMV operating permit. Operating Permits are a necessity when purchasing a vehicle. This is because the motorist is missing something to complete the DMV transaction. A temporary operating permit enables the motorist to legally operate the motor vehicle during the application process. You must pay all the registration fee’s to the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to obtaining a permit. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration understands the California Vehicle Code! We will always deliver a temporary operating permit to our customer, if they qualify for the operating permit.

How To Get A Operating Permit?

A Temporary Operating Permit may be obtained under the following circumstances.
1. Your vehicle has failed the biannual smog check. If your vehicle has failed smog check and your car registration has not been expired in excess of 60 days, you can obtain a 60 Temporary Operating Permit for the term of 60 days, not to exceed 60 days past your registration expiration date. You must provide a failed smog check certificate and pay a $50.00 fee to obtain your California DMV Temporary Operating Permit.

2. You just purchased a used car from the State Of California and the vehicle has failed the smog check, which is required for a change of ownership. You must present a failed smog inspection and pay all the registration fee’s demanded by the Department of Motor Vehicle. You will be issued a 60 day TOP, in order to repair your vehicles malfunctioning emission system. There is no extra fee for a DMV Temporary Operating Permit when it is issued during a Transfer of Ownership Process.

3. Just moved to California? You are entitled to a 30 Day Temporary Operating Permit, so that you may legally operate your motor vehicle during the registration process. Once you have placed your registration fee’s on deposit with A licensed DMV business partner you will receive your temporary operating permit so you can obtain a smog check and VIN Verification.

4. If you have operate a commercial motor vehicle with a GVWR of more than 55,000lbs and you do not have proof that you paid Federal Heavy Use Tax(FHVUT)you may be eligible for a temporary operating permit providing you vehicles expiration date is any day other than July 31st.

5. If your motor vehicle has been referred to the California Highway Patrol for VIN inspection or assignment you are eligible to receive a temporary operating permit so you may legally operate your motor vehicle while you are waiting for your appointment.

One Day Moving Permit

If you are not eligible for a 30/60/90 day temporary permit, you can request a 1 day moving permit. The only requirement for receiving a 1 day moving permit is that you have paid the registration fee’s for the current year. For example, your vehicle is impounded and you need to retrieve it from the towing yard. You are required to pay your fee’s and then you will be given a 1 day permit to legally move your motor vehicle.

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