Replace Lost Registration Card

If you have lost your registration card or had had your sticker stolen, Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can replace your documents in a matter of minutes. Skip The Line understands that when you notice your documents are missing or stolen, it usually not an opportune moment. You could have just been puled over by the police or tried to enter Mexico. Missing or stolen documents can ruin your day or vacation. When you choose Skip The Line Vehicle registration we will help you get back on the road fast. Your day will no longer be plagued with panic or your vacation will continue. That is our commitment to you.

How Do I Replace A Lost Registration Card?

A lost registration card can be replaced as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Fill out the Application for Replacement Documents (CA DMV Form REG 156)
2. Present the document to Skip The Line Vehicle Registration
3. We will hand you, your replacement document in under 3 minutes

How To Replace A Stolen Registration Sticker or Tag?

A stolen sticker can be replaced by following the procedure below:

1. Complete form Reg 156 (CA DMV El Cajon REG 156)
2. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration will replace your lost or stolen registration sticker(Tag) on the spot


How To Replace Stolen License Plates?

Missing or stolen license plates can often leave the owner of the motor vehicle in a bad situation. You probably are thinking about how are your going to drive your car to get new license plates. There is no need to worry! If you are pulled over along the way, the police will know your vehicle is registered by running a VIN check. If the vehicle is currently registered and insured, you will receive a FIX-IT Ticket only. Once you have put your new plates on the car, you can get the fix-it ticket signed off and pay a small processing fee. Odds are you are probably not even going to be pulled over on your way to replace your stolen license plates. 

You must perform the following step in order to replace your stolen license plates.

1.  File a police report with the local jurisdiction, where the license plates were stolen from.

2. Complete Reg 156 (Application For Duplicate Title) or come to Skip The Line Vehicle Registration and we will fill the DMV Form out for you

3. Put new license plates and stickers on your car and you are all set.



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